What We Do

We've experienced the feelings your products create, and have lived the adventures they inspire.

Your brand is awesome. Your products are inspiring! It’s our aim to get those products into the hearts of new customers, under the eyes of potential media, and into the spaces in people’s gear closets. To connect, we drive your message home socially, uncovering your true customer and creating authentic, beautiful and meaningful stories to grow your identity. We also know how to chat! Over the years, we’ve developed trusted relationships with our media network, giving your bright ideas the opportunity to get into the hands of influencers world wide. What else sets us apart? We’ve hammocked in the mountains, lounged on the beaches, floated down the rivers…we’ve even bobsledded through Europe. Long story short? We’re not a fluff show. We care about you, and we’ll bring those starry eyed dreams to life!

Social Media

We get to know your audience and craft fun, engaging and creative strategies built around meeting your marketing and sales goals. We build brand awareness by starting conversations, and we fill existing customer’s days with beautiful, relevant and inspiring content.

Content Creation

We don’t just copy and paste ‘once upon a time’ fluff. We get to know you, and tell your brand story through avenues and trails that don’t get old. From catalog copywriting to How To blogging, we’ll get the message across like your best friend at the pub.


Spanning from daily media outreach to trade show representation – and everything in between – we’ve got you covered. Whether it’s press release creation or product placement, we’ll listen to your dreams and do what we can to turn them into reality.

Graphic Design

Starting your first catalog or ad campaign can be overwhelming. But we’ll work with you on styles you like and tell your story best from the beginning to end that results in great coverage for your company.

Brand Ambassador Management

Organic, ground level, human-to-human interaction is invaluable. Whether it’s starting an ambassador program from scratch, to managing a brand Team, we have years of experience working with all ages and multiple genres.