Hi! I'm Natalie,

Founder of Carmen & Grace Communications. First - the question that everyone asks - who are Carmen and Grace? Let me tell you - they are my very favorite dog, and my middle name. Random, I know, but I actually started my company when I was bobsledding professionally for Great Britain, and at 11pm in the middle of Austria somewhere just trying to file my LLC, it just rolled off my tongue!

Why am I telling you this, you wonder? Because I believe in human interactions, honesty, and personality. Now retired at the ripe old age of 32, Carmen & Grace embodies those qualities, and has evolved into a living, breathing, energetic boutique marketing and PR agency based all over the United States (thanks, Internet!). My industry journey began in Asheville, NC - an outdoor mecca and booming craft beer town - on the brand side of life. Switching to an agency vibe when I picked up bobsledding, and moving from Asheville to Louisville, KY, to Long Beach, CA, I've since chizzled out a little niche for myself and my team in smaller, growing, outdoor, environmentally or health conscious brands.


We're Small, But Mighty

What sets us apart is our personality. I believe in personal relationships. In meeting new people, and being interested in what they're saying. In picking up the phone whenever it's needed to make sure we've dotted our i's and crossed our t's. You won't get lost on a post-it note with us. You'll get someone to help you whenever you need it.

Marketing and Communications can be daunting for brands, and I've made it my mission to transform it into something not only understandable - but effective, manageable, and most importantly affordable. I love what I do - I still get tickled when we place a client in Outside Magazine's Gear Guide, or when our holiday promotions smash all sales goals, or when we set a new engagement record on a social media feed we've been curating. If you have questions - let me know! I'm here for you.

Team Members

communications assistant

Jack Carballo

Bon soir - my name's Jack, Seattle-native and dual Costa Rican citizen, who graduated from Western Washington University with a Bachelors in Public Relations/Journalism and a Minor en Español! I've had the pleasure of working within the outdoor industry for a collective couple years, from customer service and repairs to PR interning. Along the way I've met and spoken to some seriously inspiring people that've helped bolster my love and respect for all things outdoors, and the community it fosters. I studied PR and journalism because I love stories. From a good book, show or song, to someone describing a trip they narrowly escaped, or even a brand with a powerful mission and background - I love hearing and telling these stories. I joined the Carmen and Grace team in the Spring of 2019, and ever since have been lucky enough to work with and tell the stories of moving brands and individuals who dream big and make it reality. 
In my free time you can find me writing rowdy music with my best friends, dying of laughter, or catching every shred of Seattle sunshine possible. 
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