Strike Indicator

Proposal and Recommendations

January, 2021


Strike Indicator is the leading premium indicator for fishing guides and recreational fishermen and women on the market today.

Their goal is to continue with their digital success, increasing their online traffic and presence and expanding their reach and sales.

Already successful with Amazon sales channels, digital ads and testimonials, the brand would like to develop a more consistent social angle and maximize web visitors to their online e-commerce platforms.

General Observations:

  • is currently getting good traffic through 4 channels (social advertising, direct, organic and referral). Year over year (2019-20), traffic has increased by 125% showing strong signs for continued growth into 2021.
  • Strike Indicator is currently not advertising on Google Ads.
  • The brand has 10,000+ Mailchimp contacts, but has not sent out any email campaigns. The sign up link to the Mailchimp account also appears to be broken.
  • Strike Indicator has an Instagram and Facebook page, but they are not regularly updated.
  • The website does not have a blog or a newsletter popup.
  • There is no active ambassador or affiliate program.


Social Media

  • Collect stock library of fishing/lifestyle images to share.
  • Begin posting regularly to all platforms (at least 3 times a week)
  • Launch Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest accounts.
  • Create list of guides to share content with.
  • Begin quarterly co-branded giveaways to increase audience size and engagement.
  • Begin Amazon posts


  • Adjust menu > Shop > All Products > Categories
  • Create more/highlight bundles
  • Add newsletter popup and fix embedded forms
  • Add blog
  • Add Social Media links (currently just Facebook)
  • Add About Us

Email Marketing

  • Fix link to begin collecting email addresses again.
  • Set up automated flows (welcome series, abandoned cart, abandoned browsing, It's been a while, sunset)
  • Begin sending regular campaigns - warm up audience and set schedule depending on open rates (15% plus) and click throughs/order revenue.


  • Begin Google Ads
  • Expand digital advertising/affiliate advertising
  • Regular PR campaigns (earned/organic media)
  • Coordinate Affiliate Program


In taking in a deep dive, it looks like we need to get some basics up and running first and foremost, before we hit traffic grabbers hard. I think we need to concentrate on your social media platforms and building a cohesive presence, and bring your email list back to life with a healthy site connection and regular campaigns (using the templates that are already made!).

There are lots of little tweaks we can do to your website that will make a difference (on top of the edits you have suggested). Things like adding an About Us that's easy to find, making the shopping menu a little easier to follow, and creating more educational content in the form of a blog are great places to start.

I would recommend working our way through this list, and revisiting in 2-3 months to begin the next stage of a PR strategy, more robust digital and affiliate/advertorial ads, and other items on your check list.

Thank you so much for this opportunity! Don't hesitate to send any questions my way 🙂







Account Lead/ Researcher